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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colombo mob attorney wants tapes barred from trial

William Cutolo
William "Wild Bill" Cutolo
"Tommy Shots" is taking "aim" at a mob "rat."
An attorney representing former acting Colombo crime family boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli is hoping to persuade a judge to ban recently recorded tapes from the mobster's upcoming murder trial.
Two weeks ago, Brooklyn federal prosecutors unveiled new evidence against Gioeli after a former Colombo captain secretly recorded another mobster talking about a 1999 murder.
Reynold Maragni, the former mob captain-turned government informant, wore a hidden “wire” tape recorder to collect evidence about the murder of William “Wild Bill” Cutolo, who was the family’s underboss when he was killed in a Brooklyn basement during an internal power struggle.
But defense attorney Adam Perlmutter has objected to allowing the jury to hear the tapes at Gioeli's upcoming trial, arguing the conversations are nothing more than "hearsay" and are not direct evidence of a crime.
Maragni, playing the role of a ranking mobster concerned about a subordinate who was recently contacted by the FBI, drew out Colombo soldier Vincent Manzo, who detailed how Gioeli directed him to help dispose of Cutolo’s body, which was driven to Long Island and buried in the woods, according to transcripts of the recordings.
Perlmutter also says that Manzo's alleged statements on the tape should not be allowed under federal evidence rules, because they were not made as part of an ongoing conspiracy and are, at best, reminiscences.
Brooklyn federal Judge Brian Cogan has not yet ruled on the issue.


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