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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bonanno big Anthony Graziano has a Mob Wives daughter who was married to a rat, but gangster's chipper in court

CastImage via Wikipedia HIS LIFE may be a soap opera, but a top Bonanno gangster whose daughters hit the big-time with the “Mob Wives” reality show was all smiles at his arraignment Tuesday.
Reputed capo Anthony "TG" Graziano pleaded not guilty to extortion charges based on secret tapes recorded last year by his turncoat ex-son-in-law Hector Pagan.
Pagan was married to Graziano’s daughter Renee, who stars in the VH1 show conceived by her sister Jennifer.
Graziano, 71, waved to wife Veronica and daughter Lana, then greeted Brooklyn Magistrate Marilyn Go in court Tuesday.
“Good afternoon, ya honor,” Graziano said.
“Can you talk a little louder, I’m deaf in one ear.”
“You look pretty good,” Go said.
“What I got left,” Graziano said.
Graziano was arrested last November while serving the last few months of a prior conviction in a Brooklyn halfway house. He is also named in the indictment unsealed last week against acting boss Vincent "Vinny TV" Badalamenti and fellow capo Nicholas Santoro.
Graziano’s lawyer Patrick Parrotta insisted all is well in the Graziano family despite Pagan’s treachery.
“He does not hold what Hector did against his daughters,” Parrotta said outside court.
The mobster’s mouthpiece said reports that Graziano was upset about the TV show were old news.
“There’s no estrangement, everybody’s talking,” Parrotta said.
While Graziano may be in plea negotiations, he would never ever consider cooperating with the government, Parrotta insisted.
Pagan began wearing a wire last August and also appeared in an episode of “Mob Wives” shot last summer, but Parrotta said he was unsure if the government directed him to go on the show as a way of cozying up to the Grazianos.


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