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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo: The Real Story Behind Their Mob Wives War

FBI surveillance photo of Casso (right) with L...Vic Amuso and Anthony Casso

A ‘Mob Wives’ insider reveals to HollywoodLife.com exclusively that Carla should not be fighting with Karen because Karen’s father saved Carla’s dad from getting murdered by the mob.

During the Jan. 22 episode of Mob Wives, Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo got into a massive fight over Carla’s allegiance to Karen’s enemy Drita D’avanzo. But a source close to the Mob Wives cast reveals to HollywoodLife.com exclusively that Drita wasn’t the only cause for their blow out. It was something much more — Karen’s infamous father Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano saved Carla’s father from what was sure to be his brutal murder.
Lucchese crime family boss Victor Amuso suspected Carla’s uncle Bruno Facciolo of being an informant. In August 1990, Bruno was shot and stabbed to death in a garage. His body was found with a dead canary stuffed in his mouth which symbolized a mafia rat. And Carla’s father was supposed to be next on the hit list.
“Years ago, a guy named Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso [an underboss for Amuso], who was a very dangerous man, killed her uncle and people around her uncle,” the insider tells us. “What happened was that Carla’s father went to Karen’s father and asked for help. Sammy and John Gotti stepped in and asked Gaspipe and Alphonse “Little Al” D’Arco [a member of the Lucchese family that was involved in Bruno's murder] to give Carla’s father a pass. They saved his life.”
“Carla’s father feared that he might be next and in turn he asked for help,” explains the insider. “Karen’s father smoothed things over and talked the people out of doing what they might have done — and in return, nothing happened to Carla’s dad or anyone else.”
Now, Carla seems to have forgotten what her family owes to the Gravano family. “All these years later, Carla’s going so hard against Karen collaborating Drita’s lies,” says the insider. “Karen feels that it is a personal direct hit against herself. Mob Wives is not showing the true mob history. It’s frustrating because she has issues with Drita, but Carla should respect Sammy enough to not get involved considering that because of Sammy, her father’s life was spared.”
“I was deeply irritated with Carla and it was more than the Drita issues,” Karen told HollywoodLife.com after her fight with Carla aired on Jan. 22. “It was about family issues.”
“Although I did get aggressive, I realized that I didn’t want to fight with Carla and I let it go,” Karen added. “It proves that I’m a bigger person. Putting your hands on someone doesn’t resolve the issues.”
We have reached out to Carla for comment, but have yet to hear back.

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