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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mob trial scheduled to begin in April

A trial date has been set for the sweeping mob case against the reputed former crime boss and six others.
U.S District Court Judge informed the defendants Wednesday that the trial will begin on April 23 and is scheduled to continue for two months.
Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio and others are accused of shaking down area strip clubs for protection money. Also charged is reputed capo regime Edward “Eddie” Lato and reputed mobster Alfred “Chippy” Scivola. They have all pleaded not guilty.
Mob associate Thomas Iafrate – a former bookkeeper at the Cadillac Lounge strip club – pleaded guilty for his role in the plot. He was sentenced to 30 months behind bars and will is scheduled to report to prison on Feb. 7.
Four alleged mob associates have asked to get a separate trial from Manocchio. Smith will hear arguments on that request next month.
Separately, well-known defense attorney John F. Cicilline, who represents accused mob associate Theodore Cardillo, has requested a meeting in the judge’s chambers with prosecutors and all defendants in this case.
In a motion filed Wednesday he wrote “I believe such a meeting can produce a final answer as to whether or not the case will be a trial.”
Cicilline said the request is coming after a “discussion” with the U.S. Attorney’s office and that he is making the request on behalf of all the lawyers in the case.
Included in the series of filings on Wednesday was a request from Manocchio's lawyers for more time to appeal the judge's decision not to release the 84 year old on bail. It would be his third attempt at springing free from the Wyatt Detention Center while awaiting trial.



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