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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mob Wives Recap: Drita D’avanzo Fights Karen Gravano & Ramona Rizzo

Forget the Mob Wives season one finale fight where Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano got into a rooftop brawl that left Renee Graziano wounded and bloody. During the Jan. 8 episode of Mob Wives season two, Drita throws her fist at Karen and Ramona Rizzo while at Renee’s party — and it turns into the worst Mob Wives‘ battle that has ever gone down.
Drita and Karen try to talk out their differences, but their conversation quickly turns into a heated argument. Karen’s “cousin” Ramona steps in — which sends Drita over the edge. Drita swings her fist at Karen and Ramona and the girls fall into a nasty brawl. Security pulls them apart, but the damage is done.
Ramona is bleeding from her mouth. But it’s unclear who hit her. She and Karen are speculating that it was Drita’s friend Derek Tobacco. Karen goes crazy and storms off looking for Derek.
Renee pushes a fuming Drita out the door. Drita gets in a car while accusing Renee of setting her up. They both get into a shouting match.
Upstairs, Ramona grabs a glass and tries to go off after Derek. Karen throws a dish across the room, but security holds both women back. “I want to chop off his body,” Ramona screams. “He’s finished.”
Finally, Ramona gets to Derek and goes off on him — but as she’s shouting, her breast pops out. She’s too heated to notice, but a friend quickly covers her up.
Drita finally goes home and Renee storms upstairs. “Everybody go home now,” Renee repeats. “You ruined my whole night.”
“This has escalated into a war,” Karen says. “I can’t leave when there’s blood on my cousin’s face.”
Junior Pagan, Renee’s ex-husband, gets fired up about Derek allegedly punching Ramona. He goes off to talk to Derek with three men behind him. If Junior does something, this could mean big trouble for him. “Junior has an open case with the feds,” Renee explains.
Everyone turns up in the parking lot. Renee is screaming at Derek to leave as Junior approaches his car. The men punch at Derek’s car, but thankfully he pulls off before anything more serious happens.
The party finally ends. The next day, everyone is rehashing what went down. Karen and Ramona agree that they didn’t start the fight — but Drita tells Carla Facciolo that she felt set up.
“I will always come for her,” Karen tells Ramona. “I didn’t even know I hit her that hard .” Ramona realizes that it was in fact Drita that hit her and not Derek.
Carla and Drita meet up to discuss the fight because Carla wasn’t there. Drita clearly has a back eye. “Here comes fatal attraction and Lucifer,” Drita tells Carla. “I’m just going to carry a wrench with me next time because I don’t even want to get my hands dirty. I will never again try to make up with Karen.”
Next, Junior heads to court to try to come to a plea agreement with the feds about his pending charges. He learns that he faces 15-20 months on the plea agreement.
Junior and Renee then spend some time talking. Junior admits that he got “nervous” during her surgery. “It really scared me bad to a point where it got me thinking I was going to lose you,” he says.
Renee breaks down in tears. “For years I’ve been in love with you,” she cries. “I’m so happy that you feel that way. You want your family.”
“I want to try,” Junior promises. “I think we got a shot.”
“I think that there is a lot of hope and promise this time around,” Renee returns. “I just need to trust you with my heart.”



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