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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mob Wives Recap: Renee Graziano Tries To Mediate Karen Gravano & Drita D’avanzo’s War

Karen Gravano and Drita D’avanzo are still at war. But during the Jan. 29 episode of Mob Wives, Renee Graziano tries to step in and get the girls to agree to move on. Will her plan work?
Last week, Drita’s ally Carla Facciolo made up with Karen during a sit-down, but remains unhappy with Karen’s best friend Ramona Rizzo.
It’s clear that Ramona doesn’t like Carla either. Ramona is mad that Carla has been telling people that they are “archenemies.” “If she was really my archenemy, I would be outside her house with a voodoo doll,” Ramona says. “You have kids at home. Run because it won’t be good.”
Carla tells Drita that she made up with Karen, but Drita isn’t thrilled by this.
Carla next sees Renee and tells her about her meeting with Karen. Renee can’t believe that Karen got up in Carla’s face during last week’s episode. She pledges to get involved.
Renee confronts Karen about going “Drita nuts” on Carla. “You know what is so sad is that everyone has so much to say,” Renee admits.
Ramona and Karen get mad that Renee is coming to Carla’s defense. Ramona then goes off about hating Drita.
Karen next decides to throw a spa party and tells Ramona that she wants to invite Carla. Ramona doesn’t like Carla because she thinks that Drita is “molding” Carla to hate her and Karen.
Renee agrees to host the party at her house, but she’s done with the girls fighting. “I’m so mentally exhausted,” she explains.”I’m watching everyone fight over things that are so not important anymore.”
But Karen is done with Drita. “I don’t want to repair my relationship with Drita,” she confesses.
Carla next tells Drita that she’s going to Karen’s spa party. Drita tries to convince Carla not to go because Ramona will be there. “Ramona is like a raccoon,” she says. “She’s always in my garbage. That bitch don’t go away. Don’t try to argue one-on-one.” Carla’s still debating going, but admits, “Whatever Drita tells me, I trust her.”
Renee has dinner with Carla and Drita at the end of the episode. She tells them that she spoke with Karen and Ramona, and reveals that they had nothing nice to say about Drita. Renee repeats Ramona’s words about how Drita is not a real Italian.
“I feel like I’m betraying everyone,” Renee says. “I’d do anything to mediate and make it better.”
But Drita doesn’t want to make up with Karen either. “I tried to make it better but I don’t want to anymore,” she states.
In the end, it appears that Renee sides with Carla and Drita because Renee is mad about something that Ramona allegedly said about her ex-husband, Junior Pagan.
During this episode, Drita signs her divorce papers and puts them in an envelope to send to her soon-to-be ex Lee D’avanzo, who is in prison. She then packs up Lee’s stuff.
Renee’s father also gets out of prison, but she has yet to see him. She explains that they are not on speaking terms.



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