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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vandalism hits one time Genovese family catering hall

Not long after a Genovese crime family associate sold his Staten Island catering hall, the new owner became the target of frequent vandalism attacks, officials said.
Brooklyn federal prosecutors told a jury Tuesday that telephone lines were cut, glue poured over awnings, air conditioning vents were sabotaged, security cameras broken, and the business' sign was stolen - all amidst a dispute over the terms of the sale.
Then Frank Di Mattina, who sold his Ariana’s catering hall in Staten Island, "went for his gun," Assistant US Attorney Jack Dennehy told the jury.
The 43-year-old mob associate, known as “Frankie D,” confronted his rival caterer, Walter Bowers, with a semi-automatic pistol during yet another dispute over which catering firm should be allowed to bid on a lunch contract at a nearby school, Dennehy said.
"Bowers withdrew his bid for the contract the very next day. That's called extortion," Dennehy said.
But defense attorney John Meringolo argued that the catering hall's purchaser actually had tried to cheat DiMattina out of $250,000 in the catering hall deal, claiming that Bowers "never had any intentions of abiding by the [sales] contract."
Meringolo also told the Brooklyn federal court jury there were no witnesses to the alleged intimidation incident other than the purported victim.
Judge Jack Weinstein indicated that Bowers will take the stand today, when he is expected to tell his side of the story.


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