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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Former Miami nightlife kingpin and flipped mob associate arrested for DUI

Former Miami club owner Chris Paciello was arrested early Friday morning on a DUI charge.
Paciello, who has had past trouble with the law, was pulled over by Miami Beach police at around 4:30 a.m., according to an arrest affidavit.
Paciello, 40, was going 80 miles per hour when he was stopped by police in the 2100 block of Miami Beach Drive, said Juan Sanchez, a Miami Beach police spokesman.
Paciello was charged with driving under the influence and refusing a breath test.
Booked under his legal name, Christian Ludwigsen, Paciello was driving aimlessly in a dark-colored, California-tagged Jaguar near Seventh Street and Jefferson Avenue, Sanchez said..
Police said his eyes were red and watery.
“He had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage,” Sanchez said. “A sobriety test was completed on scene but he refused to take a refused a Breathalyzer test.”
It’s unclear whether there was alcohol or other passengers in the car.
Paciello was held on $2,000 bond Friday night, jail records show.
In the 1990s, Paciello owned a Miami Beach nightclubs Risk, which mysteriously burned. he later built another club, Liquid, with the insurance money.
Paciello’s DUI is the latest in a string of legal troubles.
Paciello admitted to his involvement in a $300,000 bank robbery in a Staten Island mall in 1992. In 1993, he was arrested for being the getaway driver in a home invasion that left a Staten Island housewife shot dead; he was charged with robbery and murder and plead guilty in 2000. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but served seven for cooperating in mob-related investigations, records show.
Released in September 2006, Paciello was placed on parole, according to records. He then moved to California, where he owned two now-out-of-business Cristoni pizzerias.
In September 2011 he took a job at the Delano Hotel on South Beach to attract celebrities to the hotel.
Hotel executives declined to comment on Paciello’s employment status.


Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/17/2647303/former-south-beach-club-owner.html#storylink=cpy


  1. I know this punk, what a fool, it's a damn shame that he'd rat out the only guys who took care of him and helped him get his clubs up and running, you should see him now, we've been by the delano hotel, and he hasn't even seen me or the boys, it shows you how lost he really is...

  2. Thats what you get from an Italian wanna be punk ass bitch. Real tough guy, fucking rat

  3. These rats today, not only get away with being a rat they make money from it. Henry Hill Ratted out a skipper for the Bonnano family and Jimmy Burke now he's opening mob museums in Vegas. Eddie Votta ratted out a Skipper for the Gambino family Joe Butch and he's out in Palm Springs living it up. Then this guy heres getting deals wit hotels. I don't understand what happened.

  4. And those are just mob associates, you have made guys cooperating and then leaving witness protection and making money out in the open in their old mob neighborhoods! Theres John Veasey in Philly, PJ Pisciotta from the Bonannos opening a bunch of gyms in NYC, Vincent Palerno from NJ opening strip clubs in Texas, Joe Camp from the Colombos leaving WPP and going back to his old neighborhood.

    The damage is already done once they testify so if the mob goes after them that invites law enforcement to go after them forcefully. Only informant to be killed after he testified was Joe Barboza and Willie Boy Johnson. The only real danger from the mob is when they suspect you are an informant.

  5. Eddie Votta? I know his son Eddie JR. From way back. He has a different last name tho think it's spelled Pettengil. Don't know his father but I can tell you JR is a real gangster. Or was, I hear he's out there with his dad now but he ran the east coast cocaine market for a long time. Hes got connections with several families especially the Colombo and Luchese family. I seen him take a box cutter with a razor blade and open a guy up from his ear to his lips, leaving the guys teeth exposed and his cheak hanging past his chin. He did some time in Georgia and Florida but he never got busted really, smart guy. We made a ton of money together. The good ol days....

    BIG D.
    Ballin Boys
    4 Life.

  6. Just saw this on a friends facebook. It's spelled Pettengill. I know him too and without saying anything that could get him in trouble let me tell you this I did state time in south Georgia with him many years ago cause he wouldn't rat. Then he moved to Florida and we made a ton of money together between GA and FL. All i can say from experience is he's a money maker that you don't want to fuck over. I don't know families but I met some of the guys he knows and lets just say i always kept it honest with him.

  7. Met Eddie and Chris through Anthony Accetturo at a club they owned in Florida. Nice guys. LOL

  8. Eddie Votta or Pettengill is the the California connection for the westies in Hells Kitchen and other Italian families for Marijuana. Chris is a fuckin rat scumbag and Henry Hill is where he should of been a long time ago.


  9. Didn't Anthony Accetturos dad rat a bunch of people out too. Seems like the new generation has more heart than the last generation mobsters. Maybe even a little smarter to since they all have legal business that make alot of money.

    Skeptical observer

  10. I See Anthony jr at the Hard Rock all the time. He's actually a really nice guy. I'm sure there all nice guys just in a different way.

  11. Seems like Eddie Votta JR or Pettengill is the smartest out of all the people mentioned on here. I googled him and all that comes up is some business in California, Superior Cleaning. Did a little more digging just to be nosy and looks like he's surprisingly very connected with multiple families in New York and the Chicago outfit through his close friends in Vegas like Rick Rizzolo, Vincent Faraci, and the Lumbardo brothers. Probably the most connected and involved guy mentioned here but knowing the old school Dons that he hangs around is one of the smartest and low key.

    #1 Mob Entusiast

  12. Not just Eddie but the new age m9b is going back to there original ways of Omerta. Anyone who has followed the history of the mob or lived in there neighborhoods will tell you things were so much better when they ran things. As far as corruption and murder that will always be around and the police are no better. I'd rather have the mob running things. Check out our Facebook page.


  13. More on South Florida mob and affiliates like Big Tony, Fast Eddie P etc.