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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Genovese mobster from Patterson gets 2 years for extortion

A reputed Genovese crime family associate from Patterson was sentenced today to two years in federal prison for extorting a construction industry executive.
Peter Pace, 50, who was sentenced in Brooklyn federal court, was among 127 reputed Mafia members and associates charged in a historic FBI takedown in January 2011.
He was charged with extortion and racketeering, accused of conspiring with longtime Genovese soldier Daniel Cilenti, 84, of Yonkers to shake down the executive. They were also charged with extorting a second victim who owned money to the first victim.
Pace is perhaps best known for allegedly settling one family dispute by dangling an adversary — his mother-in-law — from the roof of a six-story Bronx building.
According to federal prosecutors, he was upset that she was telling people that he was going to rob them, going so far as to go call his wife’s mother “a … junkie.”



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