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Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Book Reveals Philly Hitman Details

Fox 29 has read excerpts from “Hitman,” the new book from Ralph Cipriano and our Dave Schratwieser on John Veasey, the most-feared man in the Philadelphia mob. And parts are definitely chilling
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Fox 29 has done several interviews in the past with Veasey, the former hitman who went into the witness protection program and came out of it as a top car salesman in an undisclosed part of the U.S.
The book tells the story of how Veasey survived a hit on him, extracted his revenge in the court system, and made a new life for himself.
Today, Veasey apparently has no connection to the local mob after turning state’s evidence. But it always wasn’t that way.
According to the book, by the time he was 29, Veasey had been arrested more than 60 times.
Among the chilling stories is one scene where Veasey uses a power drill to torture someone who threatened to kill him as he talks on a phone to his probation officer.
Veasey later when to a local Sears to complain about the drill bit breaking as he worked on the mobster.
But after years in the mob, Veasey flipped after his brother was killed and he survived a hit attempt.
Rival mobsters shot Veasey three times in the head. He survived the attack and then beat up his attackers.
Veasey’s brother was then killed after Veasey decided to testify against John Stanfa.
Just recently, the book also recounts a visit back to Philadelphia by Veasey where he encountered the man he believes killed his brother, at a local newsstand.
Veasey explains how he withstood the temptation for revenge and how it marked an important part of his life, as he swears he won’t return to his old ways.
“The only thing I miss about Philly,” he said, “is the pretzels and the cheesesteaks.”



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