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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mob Wives recap: Trigger happy

A night out in the Poconos turned ugly fast at the first sign of a rowdy drunk. Renee headed for the door and screamed for Junior and a ride home to Staten Island. Luckily, her senses got the better of her as she stayed around to cool off and fire her worries away.
Renee, Carla, Ramona and Karen went to "pop off a few shots" with a shooting instructor at a local pistol range. Karen reminisced about the first time she saw a handgun when she was six years old. She found it under her father's mattress and assumed it was a weapon he brought home from Vietnam, too young to understand the sinister lifestyle he was a part of.
Renee had pent up anger she was ready to fire off but when it came time to actually hit a target, she had trouble. Carla was just ready to hit the road back to Staten Island. After being cooped up with Team Karen, she was looking forward to catching up with Drita.
At Bowlmor Lanes in Manhattan, Carla met Drita for a night of bowling to fill her in on the trip. While knocking over pins, Drita was determined to knock out Ramona after hearing about the Poconos confrontation that had Renee switching sides.
Drita spent a lot of time at the fun loving Big Ang's house to simmer down. Though Ang had just recovered from a biopsy on her thyroid, she was all laughs as usual. Angela "Big Ang" Raiola recently shared some cooking tips with the New York Daily News on how to woo a wise guy with a great meal.
Drita met Ang at her house for a private spray tan. After they shed their clothing for their bathing suit gear, Drita admired Ang's upper body assets. "They don't call her Big Ang for nothing," she joked. The tans were on the heels of Drita's upcoming swimwear model shoot for her cousin's House of Jackie B. line of bathing suits. The photo shoot offered the prospect of extra money and a self esteem boost.
Another –oh so rare—lighthearted moment came when Renee attempted to have the dreaded birds and the bees talk with her teenage son. She was worried about her son's intentions with his girlfriend but all her attempts to bring up condoms, STDs and pregnancy were dodged. The two playfully chased each other around the house.
The good natured mood didn't last for long though. Once Renee got a heated email from Drita, she headed over to Ramona's, her new bff, to share the kind words: "I will rip her to shreds." Ramona did her Ramona thing and got Renee sufficiently riled up and unintentionally ready to target guess who? Yep, good ole Carla, who she's ready to "crack her head open," since she stayed loyal to Drita.
With the bickering ready to escalate, some of the women had serious family adjustments to deal with. Ramona struggled with her boyfriend's prison sentence and the toll it's taking on her children who miss spending time with him. Carla on the other hand, was welcoming her husband Joe home for a family dinner after his time was served in a halfway house.

Quotable: "Drita's going to look nice and hot and I'm going to look like an old [expletive]." – Angela "Big Ang" Raiola



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