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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mobster testifies about murder his brother did in their basement

This took betraying the family to a whole new level.
A reputed Colombo crime-family soldier disavowed his own brother after the wiseguy-turned-rat took the witness stand in Brooklyn federal court in a bid to help prosecutors put him away for life.
“I’m not your brother!” Dino “Little Dino” Saracino shouted after his turncoat sibling, Sebastiano “Sebby” Saracino, identified him as the gunman who in 1995 murdered an ex-Marine in their parents’ Bensonhurst basement.
“Stop lying, Sebby!” the accused triple murderer raged in the federal courtroom, out of earshot of jurors. “I’m not your brother!
DOWN, DINO! “Sebby” Saracino, on the stand yesterday, testifies against “Little Dino” Saracino for a 1995 murder, prompting Dino’s outburst.
DOWN, DINO! “Sebby” Saracino, on the stand yesterday, testifies against “Little Dino” Saracino for a 1995 murder, prompting Dino’s outburst.
“Don’t mention me as your brother again!” Little Dino ordered the mob rat as the canary slunk off the witness stand for the lunch break.
Dino threw another temper tantrum at the end of the day when Sebby finished testifying in front of several of their relatives — including Dino’s young son, who sat in the courtroom’s front row wearing a blue Giants jacket and a large earrings in each ear.
“You made your mother proud, Sebby! You made her proud!” Dino yelled mockingly, referring to their late mom.
Judge Brian Cogan shouted, “Stop it! That’s enough!”
Sebby testified that in the basement of the Brooklyn house where they grew up, the brothers and other Colombo gangsters waited for Richie Greaves, who was doomed for failing to turn over enough money from a robbery.
“Who shot him?” asked federal prosecutor Cristina Posa.
“My brother Dino,” Sebby answered.
“My brother got up, went to the kitchen, and then came back in behind Richie and shot him in the back of the head . . . Me and Joey Caves [Joseph Competiello] waited in the basement for Richie to stop breathing.”
Greaves’ corpse was later loaded into a car belonging to the Saracinos’ dad — who was in Italy with their mom — which Sebby drove to Long Island, the brother testified.
There, Dino’s co-defendant, reputed acting boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli, allegedly told them where to bury Greaves.
Asked why he drove the Toyota, Sebby answered, “I was the only one with a license.”
Didn’t mobsters sometimes drive even though they lacked licenses? a defense lawyer asked.
“Not with dead bodies in the back of the trunk,” Sebby deadpanned.
Sebby Saracino began cooperating with the government after being arrested as a participant in Greaves’ slaying and for immigration fraud, which had left him at risk of deportation to his native Italy.


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