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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Press pass among items FBI found in Tommy Shots Long Island home

Press Pass of Thomas Gioeli, Court evidence in the Colombo crime boss Thomas Gioeli  trial.
This press pass for Long Island's Nightlife magazine was issued to Thomas Gioeli in 1980s. The pass was used as evidence in the trial of the alleged Colombo family crime boss.

FBI agents searching the suburban Long Island home of Colombo crime boss Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli made a startling discovery — the gangster had a press pass.
The card, bearing a photo of Gioeli in shirt and tie, was issued by Long Island’s Nightlife magazine and stated the bearer should be granted “all press privileges.”
The press pass expired in 1987 — a few years before Gioeli allegedly killed his way to become acting boss of the crime family and long before he began blogging from federal prison.
Nightlife’s editor Michael Cutino solved the mystery of Gioeli’s journalistic credentials.
The magazine was doing a promotion at a nightclub in the Hamptons, and Gioeli worked for an outfit that provided attractive cigarette girls for the event.
“It was a one-time affair,” Cutino told the Daily News. “He never wrote for the magazine.”
None of the evidence found at Gioeli’s home — including funeral Mass cards, a phone book full of gangsters’ names and digits and a VIP pass for a Farmingdale nightclub — touched on co-defendant Dino Saracino.
But Saracino was in a sour mood anyway when prosecutor James Gatta handed several bottles of water to the defense table.
Saracino, who is charged with three murders, rebuffed his lawyer’s offer of a bottle and snarled that he wouldn’t drink the government’s water.
“Give it to Sebbe,” he told Gatta, referring to his own brother Sebastian Saracino, who is a mob turncoat scheduled to testify against Dino.
Gioeli, on the other hand, left the courtroom in good spirits. “Happy Easter, everyone,” he said.



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