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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Colombo associate blames turncoat older brother for bringing him into the life as he is sentenced to 3 years

A COLOMBO associate who pleaded guilty to wire fraud and loansharking got 41 months in prison Wednesday — and blamed his mob rat sibling for falling in with a crime family.
Anthony Calabro says he threw away an honest six-figure job as a union carpenter at the World Trade Center site after his older brother, hit man Dino "Big Dino" Calabro, corrupted him.
Reading from a pre-sentencing report, Brooklyn Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto said the younger Calabro feels “betrayed” by Dino, blames his brother for his arrest and “feels like he lost his brother” as a result of Dino’s decision to become a government witness.
The judge still didn’t go easy on the younger Calabro, factoring into the sentence his involvement in burying two gangland murder victims in a graveyard in Long Island.
Dino Calabro was the government’s chief witness at the ongoing racketeering and murder trial of Colombo crime boss Thomas Gioeli and soldier Dino Saracino, who are charged with the murders of Richard Greaves and William "Wild Bill" Cutolo in the 1990s.
Anthony Calabro not only helped bury Greaves and Cutolo, but kicked Greaves’ corpse before dumping him into the freshly dug hole.
Calabro appeared agitated as Matsumoto discussed the gangland violence. He wept, made the sign of the cross, prayed and pounded his chest.
“I will not be back to any court,” Calabro said. “I left all this behind me. I’m sorry.”


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