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Friday, June 22, 2012

Judge again denies bond for Stamford Gambino gambling head

A $4.5 million bond, home detention and electronic monitoring was not enough to spring the reputed head of a Fairfield County gambling operation run by the Gambino crime family.
"I don't believe there are conditions that could secure his release," U.S. Magistrate Judge Holly B. Fitzsimmons told Dean DePreta, the 44-year-old Stamford man accused of being a Gambino crime family wannabe.
That offer more than doubled the one made Monday by DePreta, of Bartina Lane, Stamford, who co-owns Westover Pizza with co-defendant, Richard Uva, 43, of Trumbull.
However, no properties belonged directly to DePreta, who, Fitzsimmons noted, "has no assets in his name."
Assistant U.S. Attorney Hal Chen convinced Fitzsimmons, at least for now, that DePreta could not be trusted to abide by conditions and laws. The prosecutor pointed out DePreta is facing the same federal gambling and extortion charges that sent him to prison for 39 months in 2002. He further claimed a source told the FBI DePreta was involved in illegal activity while being supervised by the U.S. Probation Department following his release on that sentence.
The current charges involve a gambling operation which earned $1.69 million during a six-month period in 2011. It included independent bookmakers who kicked up a portion of their profits, an Internet website based in Costa Rico and three gambling houses in Stamford and Hamden, according to Chen and court papers.
John Walkley, DePreta's attorney, pointed out that his client never was cited by the Probation Department and the current charges have not been proven.
The Milford defense lawyer accused the prosecution of punishing DePreta by denying him bond. "What they are doing is sentencing him first and then having the trial."
The popularity of the Hamden site enraged the local Genovese crime family, which launched an attack on the Gambino house at 2965 State St., Hamden, authorities said. That, in turn, led to an counterattack by the Gambinos on cars at the Genovese house at 37 Orlando St., West Haven.
Court documents state that on Oct. 28, 2010, three Genovese associates unsuccessfully attempted to force open the electronic door at the Gambino club in Hamden but left after throwing rocks at the building.
The following night, Chen said, DePreta, Uva and eight associates drove to the Genovese's West Haven club. There at least two cars were vandalized.
Chen charged DePreta's "show of force in the face of a rival La Cosa Nostra family's encroachment is strong proof of DePreta's leadership role in safeguarding the Gambino crime family interests in southern Connecticut."
Chen displayed surveillance photographs that he said show DePreta meeting with Gambino soldiers during the past two and a half years. The prosecutor accused DePreta of angling to become a Gambino member.



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