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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Phone conversations played in court during trial of Mark Rossetti

Secretly recorded phone conversations between reputed mob captain Mark Rossetti and several associates were played in court on Tuesday.  Prosecutors say the tapes show the feared Mafioso setting up a robbery of a drug dealer's apartment.

Rossetti is accused along with Yasmani Quezada of orchestrating the 2010 Roslindale break-in to get money and drugs, but Massachusetts State Police investigators were secretly recording Rossetti's phone calls.        
In one call, Rossetti is heard talking to Michael Prochilo, who prosecutors say is a made member of the Mafia, and who FOX Undercover recorded in 2009 meeting with the men believed to be running the New England mob at the time.         
Rossetti is allegedly trying to recruit Prochilo to do the robbery.

Prochillo: Hello?
Rossetti: Michael.
Prochillo: What up?
Rossetti: What are you doing buddy? What's your day look like tomorrow?
Prochilo: Tomorrow. I got a little bit of work in the morning and then that's it.
Rossetti: You want to hook up with me after work?
Prochillo: All right what time? What time you going to be around tomorrow? … Everything all right?
Rossetti: Well yeah, it could be.
In another call, Rossetti is heard talking to Quezada referring to church, which authorities say is code for doing the robbery.

Quezada: Are we going to church (expletive) tonight or tomorrow?
Rossetti: We were going to go yesterday, but you know, I don't know what the (expletive) happened to Buckwheat.
Q: Yeah, I need to repent, Goddammit.
R: Yeah, you should (laughs)
Q: You're (expletive) Jesus.
The trial is expected to wrap up on Wednesday.


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