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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prosecutor says Renee Graziano's mobster father should go to prison

A judge should send the father of “Mob Wives’’ star Renee Graziano away to prison because he’s a veteran wiseguy who’s still actively involved in illicit Mafia business despite his age, prosecutors argued today.
Anthony “TG” Graziano, a 71-year-old Bonanno captain who serves on the crime family’s ruling panel, is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court later this month after pleading guilty to participating in an unlawful conspiracy for using intimidation to collect a loan.
Although defense attorney Patrick Parrotta has asked for no jail time - citing medical ailments that include diabetes and a history of bladder cancer - the feds insist that Graziano deserves a sentence ranging from two to three years behind bars and could be treated by prison physicians.
Graziano’s “loving family and medical condition clearly should be taken into consideration at sentencing. However, they are not sufficient to overcome the substantial evidence of the defendant’s history as a member of organized crime,” Brooklyn Assistant US Attorney Jack Dennehy wrote yesterday.
The mobster was ensnared late last year by Hector Pagan, a former Bonanno associate-turned-federal-informant, who is Renee Graziano’s ex-husband.
Pagan wore a hidden “wire” and taped Anthony Graziano during a joint FBI-Drug Enforcement Administration probe
Judge Carol Amon is slated to sentence Graziano next week.


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