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Monday, July 9, 2012

Staten Island's Big Ang debuts new show

The Drunken Monkey is hopping.
The first episode of VH1’s “Big Ang” aired last night, and staff at the star’s West Brighton watering hole say the place was buzzing after the credits rolled.
How busy did they get? “I’m sorry, it’s really busy, and you’re going to have to call back in the morning,” said a woman answering the phone at the bar, speaking over the blaring music and the loud din of the patrons.
Big Ang, aka Angela Raiola, was the break-out star of Season Two’s Staten Island-based VH1 hit “Mob Wives,” and her show features her life, her friends, and what goes on behind the scenes at her bar.
In the debut episode, viewers were introduced to her friends, Linda and “Lil Jen,” her estranged husband, Neil — she’s considering letting him move back in — her son, A.J., and her sister, Janine.
Highlights include a casting call for “shot guys” at the bar, a spray tan for Ang, and a party at the Drunken Monkey, which featured a little person in a monkey suit, and a bare-chested competition for the shot guys.
On last night’s reality show launch?
“I didn’t think about any of this. This all came to me,” Big Ang said of her recent fame. “Did you think at my age I was looking to go on TV?”
And Big Ang can multi-task. She told us over the weekend that her first book will be released on Sept. 11 through Simon & Schuster. It’s called “Bigger Is Better: Real Life Wisdom from the No-Drama Mama.” She said it will include “all kinds of stuff.”



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