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Friday, September 7, 2012

Gambino associate gets 7 years in prison for dealing pot

A Gambino crime family associate who pleaded guilty to dealing nearly a ton of marijuana over 20 years was sentenced in Manhattan federal court yesterday yesterday to the maximum of seven years.
SEAN DUNN pled guilty to narcotics trafficking offenses. From the late 1980s through 2010, Gambino family captain Alphonse Trucchio. and others oversaw the Gambino family’s large-scale narcotics distribution operations, which were primarily located in Queens, New York. Numerous drug suppliers, wholesalers, and street dealers operated under the authority and protection of the Gambino family in exchange for paying the family a portion of their profits.
Over the years, the defendants and others distributed hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and marijuana, and thousands of ecstasy and vicodin pills, all of which generated millions of dollars in illegal proceeds for the Gambino family..
“With all due respect,I was displeased that the judge gave him the maximum under the plea deal,” said defense attorney Bruno Gioffre Jr. “We’re talking about marijuana here.”
In a sentencing letter, prosecutors wrote that “Dunn has been working as a mob-backed marijuana trafficker for over 20 years.”



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