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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NJ longshoreman loses job after going to notorious Genovese mobster's birthday party

A New Jersey longshoreman lost his cushy job on the docks after attending a notorious mobster’s birthday bash -- a party that he claims he only attended so as not to disappoint his “proud Italian” father.
Pasquale Pontoriero today lost his license to work as a hiring agent at Ports America in Jersey City after he was caught attending a birthday party for notorious Genovese crime capo Tino “Shark Eyes” Fiumara.
Because of the New York and New Jersey Waterfront’s well-documented problems with organized crime, workers on the docks are strictly forbidden from associating with gangsters, even socially.
Tino Fiumara
But Pontoriero broke that rule five years ago when he showed up at Fiumara’s birthday bash at Rothman’s Steak House in Long Island.
At several Waterfront Commission Hearings, Pontoriero repeatedly took the fifth nearly every time he was asked about his connections to organized crime, including when he was asked if he ever favored hiring people under directions from the mob.
His lawyers argued that Pontoriero had to go to the mob celebration because his father — who also wanted to attend — was too sick to drive, according to the Waterfront Commission ruling.
“There was no way a son of a proud Italian father could refuse,” his lawyers reasoned, according to the ruling.
His father, Antonio Pontoriero, was tight with the infamous Fiumara, who died in 2010.
He once sprung for the alleged killer’s bail, according to the court papers.
But the administrative law judge Patrick McGinley wasn’t persuaded.
“There is no father, Italian or otherwise, who would have insisted his son have dinner with a notorious crime figure,” he wrote.
The younger Pontoriero also met with alleged Genovese soldier Steven DePiro at the same birthday dinner.
All of the revelers took a limo with Fiumara from his lawyer’s office.


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