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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The inside story on John Gotti's 1972 Jaguar

Former FBI agent Jack Garcia stands next to John Gotti's 1972 Jaguar.

Fresh information has surfaced about one of the Mob Museum's flashiest acquisitions - John Gotti's red 1972 Jaguar convertible.
The inside information came from an impeccable source: Jack Garcia is regarded as the most successful undercover agent in the history of the FBI.
Garcia kicks off the Mob Museum's fall speaker series tonight, the first of three.
He stopped in midsentence when told, during a phone conversation a week ago, that Gotti's car was part of the museum's collection. The museum obtained it from Gotti's wife, Victoria, Garcia was told.
The Mob Museum explained: The information they had was John Gotti took possession of the car through the sale of a summer home in the Poconos.
Garcia knew otherwise, and he had it on tape from his two years of undercover work with Greg DePalma, a veteran gangster in the Gambino crime family. It was a gift to Gotti from DePalma, who saw it as an opportunity to curry favor with the "Teflon Don."
It was part of the art of survival in the mob.
"The more I give, the more they might overlook something down the line," Garcia said Tuesday during an interview in the Mob Museum basement.
Garcia had DePalma on tape talking about a dent in the car. Sure enough, when the museum checked, there was a dent, and the connection was confirmed.



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