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Friday, October 26, 2012

Gambino wiseguy takes Mob Wives boyfriend along on a drug deal

There's more man trouble for the "Mob Wives."
A reputed Gambino wiseguy took a boyfriend of "Mob Wives" star Carla Facciolo’s along on a drug deal in Staten Island, according to court papers.
Lee Fama was busted Wednesday after allegedly selling a pound of marijuana to an informant, but Facciolo's purported love interest is referred to in the complaint only as "co-conspirator 1."
Fama showed up with an associate on Aug. 17, 2011, but the informant — who was secretly recording the conversation — didn't recognize the person.
"Who's the kid?" he asked Fama, according to the complaint.
"That's the mystery boyfriend, Carla's boyfriend," Fama replied.
The informant admitted he doesn't watch the show much.
"From 'Mob Wives?'" he pressed.
Fama acknowledged that was the guy and added Facciolo's co-star Renee Graziano was always yakking about the boyfriend.
Last season, the show was rocked by the real-life revelation that Graziano's ex-husband, Hector Pagan, was a rat and secretly taped incriminating conversations with her father, Bonanno capo Anthony “TG” Graziano and other gangsters.
Claudia Mora, a spokeswoman for Facciolo, said the so-called boyfriend might be someone Facciolo dated during the show's first season.
"Carla's trying to find a boyfriend," Mora told the Daily News. "She hasn't had a boyfriend in years."
Defense lawyer Fred Sosinsky denied the allegation in the complaint that Fama claims he is an inducted member of the Gambino crime family.


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