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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Godfather upgrades security after returning to Montreal

Embattled former mob boss Vito Rizzuto is preparing for battle,sources told QMI Agency.

He recently acquired an armoured vehicle that cost over $100,000,according to a source.

Moreover,sources told QMI Agency that he is officially living in Montreal in a well-guarded downtown apartment.

Rizzuto was let out of a US. prison after serving eight years for a mob triple-murder in 1981. His father Nick Rizzuto Sr.,Vito's son Nick Jr. and several other associates were murdered while he was in prison.

It was unclear if the former Don planned to return to Montreal after serving his U.S. sentence. However,sources told QMI Agency that Rizzuto was spotted at least twice in the northern part of the city since his release from prison.

One of those sightings was during a visit Rizzuto allegedly made to a northern Montreal dentist a few days ago.

Police investigation expert Richard Dupuis told QMI Agency that the news of the bullet-proof car and the home in the city’s core should be understood in three important ways.

“First,(Rizzuto) knows his life is in danger and he wants to protect himself,” Dupuis said. “Secondly,he wants to stay in Montreal. And thirdly,is he not an easy prey.”

The 66-year-old's return to Canada coincided with another round of mysterious firebombings to several Montreal businesses. The recent attacks came as no surprise to experts who had predicted a spike in violence once Rizzuto was let out of a U.S. prison.

Sources told QMI Agency that the city’s police are waiting for the bullets to start flying.

Mafia experts have also told QMI Agency that the next few days will likely be critical with regards to any possible changes to the power scheme of organized crime in the city.



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