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Friday, October 19, 2012

New cast members joining the Mob Wives for upcoming season

'Mob Wives” is opening up the books — and adding two new women to the cast, says the show’s creator, Jennifer Graziano.
The show, about a group of Staten Island women all with family ties to the mob, began filming a new season — its third — last month.
Neither of the two new cast members — who have not been identified — has yet taken part in the filming.
“All the original women are back,” says Graziano, younger sister of Rene Graziano, the lightening rod of the series.
The Graziano sisters are the daughters of Anthony “T.G.” Graziano, a reputed higher-up in the Bonanno crime family.
SIGN UP: Rene Graziano is getting some company.
SIGN UP: Rene Graziano is getting some company.
The two new cast members are close to signing a deal but can’t be identified until they do, says Jennifer.
She described one as an old friend she’d known since her teen-age years.
“The other brings something to the show that I think is needed — someone who is really into her career,” says Jennifer.
To keep relationships on the VH1 show fresh, it added a new cast member to the show last year, Romona Rizzo, the granddaughter of the old-line gangster portrayed by Al Pacino in the movie “Donnie Brasco.”
Meanwhile, plans are under way to do a third spin-off of what has become one of reality TV’s most fruitful reality franchises — behind only Bravo’s “Real Housewives.”
Versions of “Mob Wives” set in Philadelphia and Miami are in the works, according to Jennifer.
“Both are cast,” says the producer. “It’s now up to VH1 to decide which one to do”
About three episodes of the new season have already been filmed.
The last season ended on a rare peaceful note — with all five women and their kids at a dinner party thrown by Big Ang, the good -time elder who dispenses wisdom and ladies cocktails from her bar, the Drunken Monkey, in the Westerleigh section of Staten Island.


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