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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bonanno captain clutches pillow during sitdown at pizzeria

 Genovese Captain Anthony (Rom) Romanello leaves Brooklyn Federal Court after pleading guilty to illegal gambling.
A reputed Bonanno capo has given new mob meaning to the term “pillow talk.”
Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora showed up for a sit-down in a Queens pizzeria to settle a money dispute hugging a big, puffy pillow, an extortion victim testified Tuesday.
Former mortgage broker Rocky Napoli said he was puzzled by the prop, demonstrating how Santora was clutching the pillow with his arms stretched out like a bear hug.
“He said he had just gotten out of jail and he had heart surgery,” Napoli testified. “He said the pillow relieved the pain in his chest.”
Federal Judge Carol Amon appeared baffled. “You said he was holding a pillow?”
“Yes, a pillow that you sleep on,” Napoli replied.
Genovese capo Anthony “Rom” Romanello is on trial for extortion in connection with his role in brokering a solution to the $30,000 debt Napoli was owed by another mob associate. Santora pleaded guilty and will be sentenced Friday.
Santora was recovering from heart bypass surgery when he carried the pillow pain reliever.


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