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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bonanno rat's death threat throws extortion trial into turmoil

A mob rat’s belief that his wife was cheating may have cheated federal prosecutors out of a star witness.
Bonanno captain-turned-government-informant Generoso “Jimmy the General” Barbieri was secretly recorded by his wife threatening to kill the man he thought was her lover, according to papers filed in Brooklyn federal court.
“He’s f--king dead,” Barbieri (pictured) said on the recorded call. “I’m gonna kill this f--ker. I’m gonna hurt him. I’ll blow his f--king brains out. I’ll go back to prison, I don’t care.”
His threats may derail the testimony he could deliver next week against Anthony “Rom” Romanello, a 74-year-old Genovese capo charged with extortion.
Romanello’s lawyers, Gerald McMahon and Mathew Mari, argue that Barbieri’s threats are real and destroy his credibility as a witness.
Barbieri could provide potentially damaging testimony about a sit-down he had with Romanello in the mid-1990s where mob business was discussed.
Brooklyn federal Judge Carol Amon already has given the defense lawyers a green light to cross-examine Barbieri about the violent threats in front of the jury.
It is unclear if Assistant US Attorney Jack Dennehy will still call Barbieri to the stand, but he remains a potential witness.
Barbieri has pleaded guilty to murder, racketeering, illegal gambling and loan-sharking. He will be sentenced after he finishes helping prosecutors with various mob trials.
Last year, he testified in the trial of Bonanno boss Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano, who is now serving life in prison.


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