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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gangster found guilty of bank robbery and firearm charges

An ex-con with links to the Gambino crime family yesterday was found guilty on bank-robbery and firearms charges after a mob associate testified against him.
Gary Fama, 47, who had prior convictions on drug and firearms charges, now faces 17 years in prison when sentenced by Judge William Kuntz II. The Brooklyn federal court jury deliberated for less than two hours.
Fama’s accomplice, Gambino associate Jack Mannino, 44, cut a deal with the prosecutors and is also awaiting sentencing.
Mannino — who has 24 New York bank heists under his belt and was nicknamed “the Seven-Second Bandit” for his speedy robberies — testified that he and Fama held up a Capital One Bank branch in Bensonhurst last Dec. 29.

Gary Fama, seen here wearing a mask during the Dec. 29, 2011 robbery of a Capitol One Bank on New Utrecht Ave. in Brooklyn
They fled with a bag of cash, he told the jury, but things went awry when a dye pack inside the pouch exploded and their getaway car’s transmission blew out.
He said that he and Fama panicked after hearing police sirens and jumped out of the Lexus — leaving behind a wallet and a cellphone that helped the FBI track them down.


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