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Monday, January 7, 2013

Colombo family wife requests judge's permission to fly to LA to buy clothes

 Alicia DiMichelle, reputed wife of a Colombo associate, leaving Brooklyn Federal Court after pleading guilty to stealing money from a truckers union.
Alicia DiMichelle, reputed wife of a Colombo associate, leaving Brooklyn Federal Court after pleading guilty to stealing money from a truckers union.

The sexy mob wife of a Colombo gangster needs a judge's permission to fly to Los Angeles for some serious shopping.
Alicia DiMichele, who pleaded guilty last year to embezzling union funds from the trucking business she ran with hubby Edward Garofalo, has reinvented herself as a fashionista while out on bail.
DiMichele operates a women's boutique called Addiction in Cherry Hill, N.J., and purchases merchandise from manufacturers and wholesalers on the West Coast, according to a letter her lawyer wrote to Brooklyn Federal Judge Sandra Townes.
mob7na-1-web Mob moll Alicia DiMichele with husband Edward Garofalo. Both were convicted for their involvement in an embezzlement scheme.
The boutique's motto is, "Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy."
DiMichele's traveling is restricted to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania while she awaits sentencing so she is seeking permission for several buying trips for "business purposes."
The raven-haired beauty faces up to six months in prison, but prosecutors have indicated they would not oppose a term of home confinement.
She was a candidate for a role on a Philadelphia spinoff of the popular cable reality show, "Mob Wives."
Her jailed hubby is considered an associate of the Colombo family. DiMichele guilty by association to her husband, not the mob, prosecutors said, as she worked as a bookkeeper at the trucking company and aided her husband in the embezzling.
The couple was arrested in 2010 with reputed Colombo capo Theodore "Teddy" Persico, Jr., and Michael Persico — the son of official Colombo boss Carmine Persico — as co-defendants.
Her father-in-law Edward Garofalo, Sr., was murdered by infamous Gambino underboss Salvatore "Sammy Bull" Gravano. DiMichele's husband was depicted as a violent thug by prosecutors and couldn't make bail even after his lawyer argued that Garofalo, Jr., never sought revenge against his father's killers.
Nonetheless, federal prosecutors do not object to DiMichele's travel request, but the judge has not yet made a decision.
Interior of Addiction Boutique, located in the Tuscany Marketplace on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Addiction Boutique is owned by Alicia DiMichele, the wife of Colombo gangster Edward Garafolo.

DiMichele's boutique offers trendy party clothes and accessories — in fact she calls herself a "trendsetter" on Twitter and she models some of the items on Addiction's Facebook page.
A quilted purse is listed as a "must have" gift to be purchase for men "trying to redeem themselves for being naughty this year."
There’s also a hot photo of DiMichele straddling a chopper.
Defense lawyer John Wallenstein scoffed at the Daily News' interest in his client's traveling plans. "It's not a secret that she's making an effort to support her children as best she can while her husband is in jail," Wallenstein said.


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