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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gambino mobster given a break from prison for helping victims of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy kept a Brooklyn mobster out of the clink.
Gambino crime family associate Emanuel Garofalo, 64, was spared jail time for extortion by a federal judge because of his efforts cleaning up the communities of Sea Gate and Coney Island.
Judge Dora Irizarry yesterday sentenced Garofalo to five years’ probation and praised his work.
The judge also ordered Garofalo to continue his cleanup efforts as part of 300 hours of mandated community service.
Garofalo — who admitted to forcing a businessman in the construction industry to hand over a cut of his earnings to the Gambino crime family — saw his home in the gated enclave of Sea Gate nearly destroyed by the storm.
The judge cited letters praising the wiseguy’s post-Sandy good works.
“His expertise in construction planning has proved invaluable in moving forward with a plan to reinforce our beleaguered sea walls before another storm may strike and possibly destroy what is left of our community,” Sea Gate Police Chief Jeffrey Fortunato wrote.
Under federal statutes, he faced up to 20 years behind bars for the 2007 racketeering extortion.



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