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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Man obsessed with the mafia is arrested for trying to dig up dead Chicago gangster

A Mafia-obsessed Brooklyn man was arrested after he was caught allegedly trying to break into the grave of famed Chicago crime boss Johnny Torrio, one of Al Capone’s mentors.
Raymond Zanjonc, 28, was caught digging a deep trench around Torrio’s mausoleum in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery.
Zanjonc was spotted by a security guard just before 1 p.m. Sunday. When asked what he was doing, Zanjonc said, “I’m visiting my family.”
But the guard recognized Zanjonc as someone he had thrown out six months earlier for trying to dig up a headstone, law- enforcement sources told The Post.
Zanjonc was unable to produce an ID card that is given to family members of those buried in the famed cemetery in Sunset Park, the sources said.
Zanjonc was busted on charges of criminal mischief and cemetery desecration.
He didn’t return calls and Facebook messages seeking comment.
Zanjonc’s Facebook page, where he calls himself Raimondo Scotto Zajono, is littered with photos of famous mobsters and a few of him dressing up like them.
“He lost his mind,” said his mother Denise Zanjonc, who said she hasn’t seen her son in eight years. “He lives on the streets somewhere in Brooklyn.”



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