Reputed Mafia godfather Vito Rizzuto has moved out of Montreal and into western Laval, having relocated to a home on Patrick St. in St-Dorothee.
The 67-year-old Rizzuto reportedly moved into the lavish home near the Islesmere Golf Club on July 1.
The home was purchased under the name of Giovanna Cammalleri, Rizzuto's wife. It was originally listed at $1,295,000 but the couple paid $874,000 for it.
Laval police representative Daniel Guerin told CTV Montreal Thursday that Laval residents have no reason to be fearful.
He said other known mobsters have lived in Laval over the past 20 years and not caused trouble and no special police presence has been required.
Guerin said, however, that a plan has been formulated by experienced officers to deal with any disruptions if they occur.
He said that police have not received any calls from residents expressing concern about Rizzuto’s presence. "Laval police are very confident that everything will be ok," he said.
Rizzuto previously lived on Antoine Berthelet Ave. in Cartierville on a strip adjacent to the Saraguay woods.
Antoine-Berthelt was unofficially dubbed Rizzuto Row because several members of the family lived in adjacent houses bordering the woods.
Rizzuto’s father, former Mafia strongman Nicolo Rizzuto, was shot with a high-powered rifle by an assassin hiding in the woods behind the home. The bullet pierced the bullet-proof glass in the kitchen, striking the elderly Nicolo in the jaw while he was eating on November 10, 2010.
Rizzuto’s son Nick Rizzuto Jr. was killed on Upper Lachine Rd. on December 29, 2009.
Both murders remain unsolved.
According to Montreal property evaluation records, three members of the Rizzuto clan still own houses on Antoine-Berthelet.
Vito Rizzuto returned to Montreal after being released from prison in Colorado on October 5, 2012. He served five years following a guilty plea for being present at a triple murder in 1981.
The location should allow Rizzuto an easy trip to play golf, a sport both he and his father loved.