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Monday, September 30, 2013

New Mob Wives cast member already caught up in controversy

Alicia DiMichele requested permission to travel to visit her son three months ago — and then posted photos of herself in Sin City.

The lawyer for a new "Mob Wives" star blasted a report that his client asked to visit her son as a pretext to go on a trip to Las Vegas.

Alicia DiMichele — who is awaiting sentencing for helping her husband, Colombo enforcer Edward Garofalo, embezzle union funds from a trucking company they owned — posted pictures of herself in Sin City with cast members of the VH1 show over the weekend.

DiMichele's lawyer said the published suggestion that his client used a request three months ago to visit her son in West Virginia as the basis for the Vegas trip is ridiculous to anyone who took the time to read the court order.

Alicia DiMichele is awaiting sentencing for helping her husband, Edward Garofalo, embezzle union funds.

"It is clear ... that Ms. DiMichele has permission to travel within the continental United States, with the only condition being that she give prior notice of her itinerary to pretrial services," John S. Wallenstein said. "Last time I looked at a map, Las Vegas was within that boundary."

He said DiMichele is not under house arrest and she can move freely.

"My client clearly is entitled to a life," he said.


  1. GAWD ... I've never missed a Mob Wives yet.. Not even the sucks ass Chicago series!
    QUESTION.. is this REALLY the females mob men are attracted to?? Jesus, Mary & Joseph these bitches faces are HIT!!!
    They must get it doggy a LOT ... specially this cock-eyed, run down cagna!! GROSS!!
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    Sad that I'm going to have to see more of her ugly mug this Fall! :(

  2. You hsve to remember these bastards are full of themselves. So i find it easy to believe they walk around with these women that look like them in drag. I bet they reverse roles in bed. But you didnt here that from me.

  3. Yeah, the show is played out...not interested in watching any of these chicks