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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three sons of jailed Bonanno mobster Vinny Gorgeous busted for weed trafficking

Joseph Basciano (left) and Vincent Basciano Jr., sons of imprisoned Bonanno family wiseguy Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano, leave Manhattan Federal Court on Wednesday after posting bond. They were charged in connection with a marijuana trafficking ring. Their brother Stephen was, too, but he was ordered held by a judge.

Like mobster father, like sons, the feds said Wednesday.

Three offspring of a notorious mafia boss were busted on drug trafficking charges in connection with a cross-country marijuana distribution scheme that moved thousands of pounds of the funky green stuff, authorities said.

Vincent Jr., Joseph and Stephen Basciano pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to narcotics conspiracy charges that could put them in prison for up to 40 years.

Their father, the fashion-conscious but bloodthirsty former Bonanno crime family head Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano, is serving two life terms at a supermax prison in Colorado for murder convictions.

Gorgeous’ three boys and two other men, George Kokenyei and Elon Valentine, were undone by an FBI informant, according to their indictment.

The takedown came after Kokenyei arranged for weed to be shipped from California to New York, where Vincent Jr. ran a distribution route in the Bronx, the feds said.

Vinny Gorgeous, the former acting boss of the Bonanno crime family, is serving two life terms at a supermax prison in Colorado for whacking people.

“We have seized evidence, recordings and compelling witness testimony,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Rebecca Mermelstein said in court Wednesday.

Vincent Jr., 32, of the Bronx, was released on $500,000 bond, and brother Joseph, 27, also of the Bronx, was sprung on $250,000 bond. But Stephen, 29, a Bronx resident like his brothers, was held pending an additional hearing after prosecutors said they have tapes of the middle brother bragging about owning firearms and shooting at people.

Kokenyei was also held, and Valentine was already in state custody. Stephen Basciano has a prior conviction for assault, in 2007.

“The evidence is incredibly strong against him and he has a demonstrable history of violence,” Mermelstein said.

Joseph Basciano is facing separate charges in Queens in connection with marijuana smuggling.

In other collars by the feds, Pasquale Falcetti, a reputed “capo” in the Genovese crime family, and Thomas Joy, were busted Wednesday and charged with conspiring to make extortionate loans in the Bronx and in other areas, the feds said. Both men pleaded not guilty and made bail.



  1. The whole family has been decimated. I can only feel Angela's pain right now and the fear she might have of living out her years all alone. The sons should have learned something from their father's fate: snitches and moles will be your undoing.

  2. the feds will not be happy until they destroy Vinny's whole family, these feds are so vindictive and ruthless that they make the mob look like angels. I have seen this firsthand with my uncle and though not all agents are creeps and just doing thier jobs the ones who are pricks are super pricks. I live in the bronx and the the social clubs are being replaced by crack dealers and theives who would beat up an old lady for 5 dollars, nice job FBI for making my neiborhood "safe".........good luck to the Basciano family and I hope you guys beat the case

  3. Born n Raised Bronx Boy;

    The government is too strong, all these man hours wasted on minor bull. The ghetto is loaded with weed dealers. Shylock loans are available for people who cant go to our government for aid,and are struggling, or are degenerate gamblers, or low life's that borrow and cant pay back the loan.
    Certainly illegal, and but Federal Come on.....................
    Arrest the corrupt government officials that let the drugs in, and impeach the president for making our economy so bad that honest people are out of work, and cant get assistance. Why spend our tax dollars on this crap, who cares. Spend the money on policing the government their the real crooks, IRS is the biggest crooked agency of them all.

    1. There good boys those kids . They were just trying to b like daddy . But the long arm of the law will give them a good spankin. I think mommy still does there laundry.