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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Aging Colombo soldier's bail is revoked after being spotted inside an illegal gambling club

Mobster Nicky Rizzo, 86, had parole revoked after judge found he violated conditions of his release, which had been granted so he could spend Thanksgiving with family.

An aging Colombo gangster who was granted a postponement of his jail sentence so he could spend Thanksgiving at home proved he’s a turkey.

Nicholas "Nicky" Rizzo’s bail was revoked Wednesday by a Brooklyn judge after the 86-year-old wiseguy was spotted inside an illegal gambling club in Bensonshurst controlled by former Bonanno crime boss Vincent "Vinny TV" Badalamenti. Rizzo showed up just a week after he was given a humanitarian reprieve from serving his six-month term for loansharking.

After consulting with probation and pretrial officers familiar with the geezer gangster, Judge Kiyo Matsumoto said she was presented with a different picture of the mobster than his courtroom act.

“Mr. Rizzo was observed walking in a manner that was different than the way he walked into the courtroom [and] . . . he hears just fine,” Matsumoto said.

She ordered Rizzo to surrender Friday.



  1. Give the poor old guy a break, it's gambling, he wasn't boosting diamonds.

  2. the rules are the rules Nicky knows that he is very aware surveillance he knows better

  3. The guy has a colostomy bag for Christ sake

  4. so you shit in a bag and get a pass come on

    1. His shit bag was bugged?

  5. An almost 90 year old guy, out on bail, goes to a "alleged" gambling club with "wiseguys" (whatever that means) & gets put in jail. Wall st. executives nearly bankrupt the entire world, then... wait for it... TAKE BONUSES !!!. We as a nation, have no idea of what justice even means.