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Monday, November 25, 2013

Jailed Bonanno captain dies in federal prison

Patrick DeFilippo, the Bonanno captain who squired Vincent Basciano into the crime family, has died in federal prison, according to the Bureau of Prisons.  DeFilippo, who was serving what amounted to a life sentence, died at the age of 74 although it isn't clear whether he died in a prison hospital facility or in a cell.  DeFilippo was convicted in 2006 of five counts of a ten count indictment. The jury found him guilty of racketeering conspiracy involving illegal gambling and a conspiracy to commit to collect a debt by extortion.  However, the jury found him not guilty of two counts of extortionate collection of credit and couldn't reach a verdict on whether he was involved in the 1999 of Gerlando "George From Canada" Sciascia.  Still, he got a 40 year sentence.  DeFilippo was on trial with Basciano, who government officials said wanted to kill DeFilippo at one point while both were mobsters on the street.  In prison, DeFilippo suffered from artherosclerosis and had a pacemaker implanted after he suffered from congestive heart failure, court records show.  He had suffered from fainting spells and was said to have once"died" in hospital before medical intervention brought him back, sometime in 2012. Trial testimony and law enforcement officials said DeFilippo was heavily involved in running Bronx gambling operations for the crime family over the years.  According to witness Sal Vitale, DeFilippo was was on a list of Bonanno family members who were required to make ten percent payments to former boss Joseph Massino from Joker Poker profits.  As noted in the book "Vinny Gorgeous," Patty From The Bronx had long ties to the crime family, beginning with his father's close friendship with the late Joseph Bonanno.  Funeral arrangements and burial information were not yet known.



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