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Monday, November 18, 2013

New Mob Wives cast member cheats on her jailed mobster husband

‘Mob Wives’ star cheats on jailed hubby

Wild new “Mob Wives” star Alicia DiMichele is already in hot water with the feds, but a source claims she’s about to be in even deeper trouble with her husband, jailed Colombo family associate Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo Jr.
A well-connected source tells Page Six: “Alicia is being portrayed [on the show] as the loving, concerned mob wife of her incarcerated husband. But our source suspects otherwise, claiming that, “In reality, she has been carrying on a dangerous affair with a married man for close to three years.”
VH1 star DiMichele is awaiting sentencing herself after pleading guilty to embezzlement conspiracy, and The Post reported last month that Brooklyn prosecutors are demanding to learn how much she’s making off her reality series, to whack her with a fine in her case.
Our source further alleged that “Alicia has been having an affair with a Philadelphia restaurateur who’s a convicted felon, and it has become common knowledge among their circle of friends. [The restaurant owner’s] wife even seems to tolerate them as a couple. [Neighbors] see his car parked outside Alicia’s house almost nightly, and he’s been seen sneaking out in the early morning hours on many occasions.”
If true, she might be facing more than legal trouble. We hear that Garofalo, behind bars since 2010 for a pension-fraud scheme, has just learned of his wife’s cheating ways. So perhaps the lothario better lower his profile: Garofalo reportedly once “turned a truck driver’s face into a bloody pulp” on Staten Island because the poor schnook honked at him and his Colombo captain pal Theodore “Teddy” Persico Jr.
A source said Garofalo is even scheduled to start appearing on the VH1 series himself, via recorded phone calls from the pen.
Meanwhile, The Post also previously reported on DiMichele’s involvement in litigation with Gucci over her allegedly selling counterfeit baby clothes at boutiques she owns in South Jersey and Philadelphia. A “Mob Wives” rep said ­DiMichele declined to comment on our story.



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