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Sunday, December 22, 2013

John Gotti's famous lawyer takes plea for punching man at steakhouse

Famed mob lawyer Bruce Cutler got his steakhouse sucker punch case tossed Wednesday — and says a move to Brooklyn might help cure his anger issues.

The camera-friendly former mouth piece for late mafia boss John Gotti slugged another lawyer dining at the Porter House in Columbus Circle on Nov. 7.

Cutler, 65, says the “pressure cooker” of living in Manhattan is making him consider a change of scenery.

"I'm thinking about moving to Brooklyn, where I can live a little more stress-free."

"I'd like to live in one of those new neighborhoods, ride a bike, walk around."

He said he'd try yoga to chill out "if the right girl asked me to."

Cutler has to attend one anger management class after the case was adjourned.

"My fighting days are over. The only fighting I'm going to do is in court," the legal eagle told the Daily News after taking the deal.

"I should not engage in that kind of activity. I should've let him be," Cutler said of his victim, white shoe attorney John Aiello, 38, of Brooklyn.

"He's probably a decent guy."

In a Gotti-like reaction, Cutler confronted Aiello because he felt his table was being too loud and "disrespectful in a nice restaurant."

"I said, 'Fellas, that's not nice to do that,' " Cutler recalled from a diner near Midtown Community Court, where he took the deal.

"Then I let my temper get the best of me. It's not the way a man should conduct himself.... I'm not a brawler per se."

Cutler's misdemeanor assault case will be dismissed after a grace period if he remains out of trouble.

"It was interesting to me, and humbling, and educational," he said, about being a client instead of a lawyer.

"I gave out a lot of cards and saw old friends."

He said he felt it was "educational and feeling like you are part of the greater mass."

"I champion the common man, always have and always will."



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