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Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Mob Wives star denies cheating on her jailed gangster husband

This will help her cred as one of the “Mob Wives.”

Reality-show vixen Alicia DiMichele took center stage at Brooklyn federal court on Friday as her Colombo husband was sentenced to seven years in prison for extortion.

The manicured mobstress took the opportunity to deny having a torrid affair with a Philadelphia restaurateur, as reported in Page Six last month.

“No, that’s not true,” she swore to The Post before leaving in a black Escalade with New Jersey plates. “I’m here for my husband. I’m just trying to take care of my boys, that’s all.”

The Post reported that DiMichele is engaging in extramarital shenanigans while her husband, Edward Garofalo, is marooned behind prison walls.

Garofalo didn’t have the look of a courtroom cuckold Friday as he smiled and waved at the raven-haired stunner after spotting her in the front row along with other friends and relatives.

The Colombo associate pleaded guilty to extortion raps and was slapped with an 84-month term by Judge Sandra Townes in a brief appearance.

While her tubby spouse wore faded prison blues, DiMichele was dressed to the nines in a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt, snug black jeans and a pair of steep stiletto boots.

DiMichele still faces sentencing for her own role in Garofalo’s Mafia misdeeds.

While most “Mob Wives” don’t get caught in the family business, DiMichele was busted on tape gabbing about embezzling funds for their now-defunct trucking business. She worked as a bookkeeper for the company and faces up to six months in prison.

The Post reported last month that federal prosecutors want to know how much she’s making off her hit reality series as they determine if she’ll face a fine.

In addition to the infidelity accusations, DiMichele has been rocked in recent months by reports she partied across the country while out on bail — despite telling prosecutors that she was engaged in more savory pursuits like visiting her son at college.

Her attorney has denied those allegations.

DiMichele has pleaded for leniency because she has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since childhood.

Sources said Garofalo is slated to appear on the smash VH1 series himself — via recorded prison phone calls from the penitentiary to his wife.



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