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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lawyer for Gambino soldier hopes to grill pervy informant

FBI men in action during Jan. 2013 roundup that netted Anthony Bazzini.

Reputed Mobster Anthony Bazzini wants to trash a pervy informant who wore a wire to bust him in connection with a scheme to control the New York and New Jersey garbage collection industry, court papers filed this week show.

The snitch, who isn’t named in court papers, agreed to work with authorities in 2008 after they caught him using the Internet to set up a sex date with a 15-year-old girl.

Rather than lock him up, the feds made him a cooperating witness and used him to infiltrate the trash industry in a four-year probe that ended with a slew of arrests last January.

With Bazzini, 54, and an associate scheduled for trial Jan. 21, prosecutors last week asked the judge to bar Bazzini’s lawyer from questioning the witness about the details of his sex crime. “In particular, the government seeks to preclude cross-examination regarding the details of the graphic, sexually explicit conversations between the (cooperating witness) and the girl,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Blais wrote in a motion submitted on Jan. 7.

Defense lawyer Raymond Perini opposed that motion Monday, arguing he should be able to grill the witness about fibs he fed the girl and a court psychiatrist.

“None of these factors involve ‘graphic conversations,’ just plain old lying,” he wrote.

Perini also wants to ask the snitch about his crime because the sick nature of the offense “is the basis for his testimony, fundamental to his cooperation.”

The perv pleaded guilty and went to work for the feds because his rap threatens to ruin his reputation, put him behind bars for years and earn him harsh treatment in prison, Perini said.

Bazzini, an accused Gambino crime family soldier from Glen Head, L.I., is charged in Manhattan Federal Court with racketeering and extortion conspiracy and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted.



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