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Monday, February 17, 2014

New mafia movie tells the true story of couple who robbed mob social clubs

“Why not rob it,” Tommy tells Rosie after they get their below minimum wage paychecks in the soon-to-be released movie Rob The Mob.  This is a crime-thriller about two lovers from Queens, whose audacious heists of Mafia social clubs result in a discovery that could forever change the face of organized crime in America.  Based on the true life story of Thomas and Rose Marie Uva, a young married couple in New York, 1991, in which Tommy walked into mob social clubs with an Uzi submachine gun to rob the Mafiosi of their ill-gotten gains. 
Tommy (played by Michael Pitt, Boardwalk Empire, The Dreamers, Funny Games) and his girlfriend Rosie (played by Nina Arianda, Midnight in Paris, Tower Heist and Win Win) are in love with each other and get caught robbing a florist on Valentine’ Day and they are both sentenced to some jail time and Rosie was released sooner than Tommy.  Rosie, in the meantime, gets a job at a debt-collection agency and once Tommy is released, she talks him into applying for a job.  Tommy soon starts to skip his shifts to do something much more interesting, like attending the trial of Mafia hit man Sammy “The Bull” Gravano.  Gravano’s testimony would bring down the flamboyant Gambino family boss John Gotti.
Tommy’s fascination with the mob is somewhat personal, because when he was a boy, he saw his father suffer a brutal bearing at the hands of local gangsters.  Flashbacks of these encounters are shown several times throughout the movie, which really adds to why Tommy set out to do rob the mob.  Tommy learns in the trial that the Mafia-owned social clubs have no guns, because they are not permitted to have them.  Why not rob the joint?  So he and Rosie set out to begin a series of Bonnie-and-Clyde style stickup of mob hangouts around the city.  Rosie is the getaway driver and Tommy carries the Uzi.  The first robbery is hysterical and so is the second.  You must now go and see the movie as to why we were all laughing.
The two just happen to draw the attention of the FBI and veteran mob reporter Cardozo (played by Ray Romano), who gets their unlikely story across the front pages of the paper.  The mob is of course enraged by these holdups and Bonanno crime family head Big Al (played by Andy Garcia) orders his men only to scare the couple, because after all, he says that eagles don’t kill flies.
That decision was not a wise decision by Big Al, because on one of the stickups, Tommy and Rosie discover a Mafia secret, most mobsters did not even know it existed.  To the Feds, it’s the smoking gun they have been looking for.  For Tommy and Rosie, they are now caught between the Feds and a mob contract, and the future all depends on…  That’s all I can say, so make sure you catch this great movie.  The audience at the screening, were all clapping at the end!
Rob The Mob will be released on March 21, 2014.  Directed by Raymond De Felitta, an American independent film director, screenwriter and musician.  De Felitta directed Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story in 2012.  In 2009, he wrote and directed the independent film City Island, which received the First Place Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film opened in theaters on March 19, 2010.  Screenwriter Jonathan Fernandez, known for his work on Y2K (1999) and Crisis in the Kremlin (1992).
It has a great cast of Michel Pitt, Nina Arianda, Andy Garcia, Ray Romano, Burt Young, Griffin Dunne, Michael Rispoli, Aida Turturro, Frank Whaley, Cathy Moriarty, Yul Vazquez and Samira Wiley.



  1. There is a movie called "the wannabe", with the same story set to be released this year.

  2. What a joke, Tommy met his wife after he left prison for robbing a McDonald's on Tremont ave across from his house As far as his dad getting beat up I have never heard that. Tommy was a good friend and we hung out together for years, he always wanted to be a gangster and loved Good fellas and Crazy Joe but he was wild and unpredictable. When he met Rosemarie he moved from the Bronx to Queens and he did get a job with her collection agency and the couple was together all the time.I know it's just a movie but I hope they don't fuck it up because the true story is crazy enough

    1. Av jus watched it on show box app for android and i thought it was really good.It made me go straight to wiki to look up more.

  3. I hope they don't fuck this story of my friend Tommy Uva because the real story is crazy enough but from what I read it looks like a bunch of Hollywood bs.Tommy was from the bronx and worked in his families florist on Tremont ave. He went to prison for sticking up a McDonald's across from his house on Tremont ave not a florist, he met Rosemarie after he got out not before. I hung out with him and we were very close until he married Rosemarie and moved to Queens. He wanted to be a gangster and his idols were Dillenger and Crazy Joe Gallo, his father Tony was a good guy who took numbers and was never beaten by mobsters. Tommy was wild but knew the rules and he must of known he was commiting suicide by robbing the clubs.

  4. Just saw this movie. The ending is not right at all. They were murdered on 10 3rd avenue and woodhaven blvd. A block from crossbay blvd. In Ozone Park. I missed the "hit" by only a few mminutes but saw the bodies in the car. It looked like they put their hands up because they had bullet holes in their arms. The car ran into the corner house after they were shot in the middle of woodhaven & 10 3rd avenue. He had balls, I'll give him that. But he could of switched cars and gotten out of the neighborhood and been alive probably alot longer. He knew what he was doing would only led to his murder. Good movie. Wrong ending.

  5. I just watched the movie, and it was awesome.I really enjoyed it although the ending was really sad.

  6. Great film from phx az 602!

  7. You play with fire you gonna getta BURNED

  8. You play with fire you will get burned