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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Colombo captain given 12 years in jail for ordering murder while at his grandmother's wake

Teddy Persico Jr. was sentenced Thursday for the 1993 mob murder.
Colombo crime capo Theodore "Teddy Boy" Persico, Jr., was sentenced Thursday to 12 years in prison for passing an order to underlings in a Brooklyn funeral parlor to whack a gangland rival.

Persico, 50, is the nephew of Colombo boss Carmine "The Snake" Persico who is serving a life sentence for racketeering and murder, and sources say Teddy is on the short-list of candidates to assume leadership of the crime family when the position becomes vacant upon his uncle’s death.

“I assure you I’ll do my best not to be here again,” Persico, Jr., pledged to Brooklyn Federal Judge Sandra Townes at his sentencing.

Persico Jr. pleaded guilty to a murder conspiracy charge in connection with the rubout of capo Joseph Scopo in 1993 during a civil war that pitted Carmine Persico loyalists against a rebellious Colombo faction aligned with Vittorio "Little Vic" Orena.

Scopo was a high-ranking member of the Orena faction.

In the summer of 1993, Persico Jr. was granted a prison furlough to attend his grandmother’s wake at Scarpaci Funeral Home in Bensonhurst. After saying a prayer in front of his grandmother’s coffin, Persico Jr. sat down in the chapel with three associates and delivered Scopo’s death warrant, according to testimony by mob rat Anthony Russo.

The whispered conversation was out of earshot of correction officers who had accompanied Persico Jr. to the wake.

“He (Teddy) told us, ‘You have to go after Joey (Scopo),’” Russo testified. ‘To end this war we got to get Joey. Joey is the target.’”

Several months later, Scopo was gunned down in front of his Queens home, effectively ending the bloody war.



  1. A Russo is a rat who's testimony was fraught with major problem's. The jury of the B.F. trial saw him and his testimony for what it was. Lies and fantasy story's told by a scared cocaine addict with nothing to lose and everything to gain. He bought his freedom with dreams of situation's, conversion and cocaine induced voice's that never occured. Like most rat's he will try his best to feed his addition with money he will try to make selling a story that never happened outside, the very small space that contains his very small brain. Another big tough guy who sold the soul of his children for a loaf of bread. The lowest level of of the furnace awaits those who are traitor's and those bare false witness. Karma is nipping at your heels and it won't be long.

  2. Teddy is a giant among men. I am proud to call him my friend. The fact's are, three times imprisoned all three because of what was said by others. The bk da's office and the government obviously will do whatever it takes to persecute the persico's. I like to call it "Persicocution". Thay create a partnership with the lowest of the low in order to make sure that thay get conviction's. Making deals with the devil doesn't make it right. On the contrary making deals with admitted rapest's murderers and people who will say whatever the holder of the freedom key tells them too, should be a crime in itself. I know Teddy to be a kind, careing big harted man. The government should spend more time scrutinizing subversive Muslim's and right wing anti government groups that in time will no doubt make 911 look like a brush fire. We need to stop persecuting people for the sin's of there father's. That money wasted on Persicocution should be used to pay nyc teachers more. I could think of 100's of more viable uses for the million's spent every year going after four or five men who happen to share a last name.

  3. Teddy was a punk in jail. He was getting shaken down in Green Haven C.F. by Perico of The Rat Hunters. If this clown is the future of that Family they truly are in trouble.

  4. It is just laughable that this guy is being touted as a "tough guy". Nothing could be further from the truth. Inside prison he was a church mouse. He is not a tough guy by ANY stretch of the imagination!

    1. I was in Attica when Teddy was there. He was way too friendly with the cops. He had zero strength in the prison, or any prison. He NEVER got into fights. If confronted with the threat of violence he would run to stronger men to "politick" the situation for him.
      There was no shortage of guys eager to impress a "made man".
      He was sp frightened of Perico in Green Haven, he wouldn't come to the yard until he was assured Perico was not going to tear his ass up.
      It was hilarious. At First, Teddy thought he and Perico were going to be a team!!! Because Teddy's court in the yard was next to Perico's. Teddy had a rude awakening. Perico was making him cough up LARGE amounts of cash on the visit. Teddy's people would give the cash to Perico's girlfriend.
      Teddy reached out for help thru Paddy Irish in another prison. Paddy in turn contacted Red from The Rat Hunters gang and asked him to speak to Perico about easing up, since Perico and Red are co defendants and both Rat hunters. Perico said NO!
      So, the big MOB BOSS continued to pay and get abused. It is crazy that anyone is saying he held his own in prison. At best, he had some fans who rode his jock because of family name. But all were mostly cowards themselves or had motives.
      Even other Colombos in system had no respect for him personally. He was not respected as a street guy. He got out and started fronting, pretending to be a killer etc. Be ALL THAT YOU CAN BE, Skinny :D!!!!!!

    2. Yes Skinny D uptop is 100% accurate about Teddy Persico ,and this is everything wrong with the Mafia Today as guy's like Teddy is no more a Mafia Tough guy then my mother . So he fainted twice infront of me when Perico ,Hector Rivera was squeezing him for Bread ,he was paying and getting extorted that came to me to get dope ! That is what it's all about on the inside ! And Teddy was going to take over a crime family ,Lol .Funny shit as I will write a comedy about what I witnessed , the White Italian inmates where not Convicts ,very few White boys that where hard as fuck and had 100 gram gold chains around their neck ,they were Not these punks . John Gotti was in GreenHaven and was hard as he had the white court .
      The Gangsters where as follows
      T-45 Rat Hunter
      Perico RAT Hunter Hector Rivera ,
      Pedro , , Butch Jones , Monk , Scar , Pit , Ty Guns , Sergio Les . Red , MadDog Sulli, Jimmy Irish ,Patty Irish , Jimmy Zerelli Blue ,
      Blue Boy James Rosado , Jimmy Lee , Paulie Lee, Paulie Zazza, Punch , Enzo Pullara , HAROLD the Jew, Tony the Roach , Jimmy Ida , George Conte , Tommy Karate ,
      Barney Liberio , Eugine Slusker , Japoncek , Victor Lataj, Pavle Stanimirov, Paule Montana ,
      Frank White , Mario Machette , BB, Boy George , Paulie Comfort, Jerry Ciera ,

  5. Is that the same perico that got cought blowing a guy named beastie?

  6. Nice try but no. But Teddy was practically blowing Perico... :D
    Met a very small amount of wiseguys who can hold it down in the joint. It is just a reality, they just ain't too tough when they get in the joint and are out numbered and pressured.
    I was in joint 20 years. All max joints. Was around ALL these guys. Teddy Persico was "Soft like baby shit" up top. Paddy Irish even calls him Tender Teddy. So stop with the "Giant among men" nonsense. Anybody that buys into lie that he is a tough guy is sadly mistaken.

    1. We all know who the real stand up guy's were ! And Teddy was simply not cut out for this life ,he got caught for some blow ,at this night club thinking it belonged how can you confuse facts ,Alphone (Shades)Malangone was not his nightclub , but in Danny Marino's Night Club and half and O 'got him a bunch of time he did not get accustomed to well . And wound up with life anyway was because of who his uncle was bottom line .

  7. They say that you can put a crown on a clown to expect a King is ridiculous as Tender Teddy .If it dont come out the wash it most certainly will in the rinse.

    1. Ya see the problem is you got guys that because there father's uncles or relatives are real street guys and killers no one fucks with him .But now your in jail and can't do the shit that your relatives who are real street guys can do and your fucked .I been in rikers island twice in the late 70s and 6 years in state prison 1982 to 1988.You should of seen the white guys and Puerto Rican guys back then balls of steel .I'm 59 you probably never heard of guys like mad dog Sullivan and Frankie Fabozzi. Clinton early 80s .

  8. Amazing News I just heard ex former Mobster current Snitch Rat Richie aka "Shallack Head" and his son Paul has a Brand New Show On the Oxegen Channel a reality! No Jail Time the show called is "Unprotected" and he is getting paid around 200k Per episode is a score now is that money just for him or the entire family ? Is it that much money that they are going to get now Paul wants his own money I heard 50k per episode each for everyone ? Wow that is a major score ! Speaking about scores Shallack Head also ran Parking Lots in Manhattan and he knows Boško and 4C parking because they were in the same business ! Unreal increadible Wow ? I am blown away with this news ! What is next ?
    It doesn't get any more criminal than this wonder what we are getting then ?
    Who Owns that network ? Oxegen channel ? Hulu Fandango . Many networks and this will be something .Staten Island to Arizona Reality Show!
    I want to do one about Prison a real one not that BS county jail for 60 days in . Is not State Prison .Now I will let the cats out of the bags and I will bring new inspiring shows to the market.