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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Waitress files sexual harrassment suit against Gambino soldier

Reputed mobster ‘cannoli king’ sexually harassed waitress: suit
A Little Italy waitress is taking on a reputed soldier in the Gambino crime family, accusing him of trying to stuff more than cannolis at his famous eatery.
Angela Henderson, 27, says in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit that ex-boss John “Baby John” Delutro — known as the “Cannoli King” of Little Italy — sexually harassed her at his Caffe Palermo on Mulberry Street.
“She must be a tough broad to file a suit against Baby John,” quipped a law-enforcement source, noting that Delutro’s dad, Anthony “Tony West” Delutro, also was a reputed Gambino soldier.
“Like father, like son. They were the Mulberry Street Mafia — just very bad guys.”
John Delutro — who was imprisoned on narcotics raps in the 1980s by then-US Attorney Rudy Giuliani — demanded that Henderson go out with him and made rude comments to her, including that he “liked her ass,” according to the documents filed Tuesday.
“Delutro asked [Henderson] out on romantic dates on numerous occasions beginning soon after plaintiff began working” for him in February 2012, the papers state.
Henderson told Delutro, 59, that “not only was she not interested in his sexual advances but that she only wished to work in a peaceful environment,” the papers say.
Henderson also alleges that Delutro tried to work her to death at the restaurant — which caters to celeb clients such as Danny DeVito — while ripping her off.
He forced her to toil 11-hour shifts seven days a week for several months, with no overtime, the suit states.
He allegedly fired her in March, using her request to change her work schedule so she could attend school as an excuse.
Henderson, who lives in The Bronx, is seeking damages for unpaid wages, emotional distress and mental anguish.
Delutro, reached by The Post by phone Tuesday, said, “I fired her.”
“I can’t talk to you. You have to speak to my attorney,’’ he added.
When asked for his lawyer’s name, he hung up.
In 1984, Delutro was busted along with 19 other reputed wiseguys for allegedly running a $230 million heroin and cocaine ring.
Delutro was convicted on narcotics charges and sent to federal prison for nine years.
Upon his release, he was placed on parole supervision, which he violated in 2000 by discussing drug deals caught on federal wiretaps with a mob associate in the Caffe Palermo.
He was shipped back to prison for three more years.



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