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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Alicia from Mob Wives plans to plead guilty to embezzlement

Former ‘Mob Wives’ star will plead guilty to embezzlement
Former “Mob Wives” star Alicia DiMichele will plead guilty to an embezzlement rap next month after finally hammering out a restitution deal.

DiMichele was busted along with her hubby, Colombo enforcer Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo, for skimming union pension funds from the defunct New Jersey trucking company they once ran.

She had earlier backed out of a plea deal when the union demanded $2.8 million in payback from the scheme.

But the two sides have since agreed to have her pay far less — just $40,000 — and she will cop to the crime on Aug. 14.

She faces up to six months in prison.

DiMichele, 40, who made $8,000 per episode during her run on the VH1 show, resigned from the cast during her lengthy court wrangle.

Prosecutors had argued that she was making plenty of money on the show and shouldn’t have groaned about the restitution demands.

Garofalo pleaded guilty to a murder-conspiracy rap and was sentenced to seven years in prison last December in Brooklyn federal court.



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