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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dormant Gambino associate is top donor to Brooklyn State Senator

One of Sampson’s campaign donors is a mob associate
At least one major contributor doesn’t care that Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson is running for re-election while facing corruption charges — a former legal client with ties to the mob, The Post has learned.

Election records show the pol’s dwindling list of donors includes reputed Gambino crime-family associate George Fortunato, who last month gave $10,500.

According to the Democrat’s latest campaign filing, the Brooklyn businessman provided more than 90 percent of the funds raised between July 15 and Aug. 4.

The next-largest contribution — $500 — was from lobbyist Stacey Rowland, who joined Sampson on a 2011 junket to South Korea.

Sampson described Fortunato, 72, as a “close family friend” and declined to comment further. Campaign treasurer Bernard Alter said Sampson had solicited the contribution.

“He’s a nice guy. He likes the senator. Thank God,” Alter said of Fortunato.

Sampson is also under indictment in Brooklyn federal court, where he’s charged with a litany of crimes, including allegedly embezzling $440,000.

George Fortunato

Fortunato, of Mill Basin, has been a Sampson supporter since at least 1999.

Sampson was his defense lawyer after he was busted on hate-crime charges in a 2003 attack on a Chinese woman in a Queens restaurant. Fortunato’s wife, Jackie, and a daughter, Annamarie, were also arrested.

Charges against Annamarie were dropped. George and Jackie pleaded guilty to assault in a deal that spared them prison in exchange for taking racial-sensitivity and anger-management classes.

Also in 2003, Fortunato was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in an extortion plot that figured in the racketeering trial of ex-Gambino boss Peter Gotti.

Law-enforcement sources said he is considered a “dormant” Gambino associate and not under investigation.

Fortunato didn’t return requests for comment.



  1. He is an fbi informer

  2. How does one become a "dormant" Gambino associate? He has been associated with top ranking members dating back to the Gotti era. Interestingly enough, everyone around him gets indicted and goes to jail, but not scum like this. So clearly being dormant means you don't go to jail for committing crimes with top ranking Gambino members. Somebody call Webster's Dictionary, we clearly have to add a new definition. And as for our reputable law enforcement bureau, maybe you are "dormant," I want my hard earned tax dollars back! As a society I thought we moved on from all this stupidity, but clearly it's allowed to survive.
    Truly disgusted, law abiding, tax paying Brooklynite

  3. As a tax paying Brooklynite for over 28 years, as well as a business owner (only referencing this as I paid your taxes Anonymous as well as mine.) I don't understand how these "members" are ok to donate millions of dollars to the Catholic groups...and schools...and to be a multi millionaire and donate pittance on someone's campaign...Seriously?? No one questioned the hundreds of thousands of dollars her donated to St. Bernadettes and Mary Queen of Heaven...whatever you guys.. Why is it the money only counts when it is donated in a political arena...