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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pair of gangsters sentenced to nearly 40 years in prison for murder

Mob thugs sentenced for slaying of Brooklyn father
A pair of murderous mob hoods were sentenced to 38 and 36 years in prison for their roles in the slaying of a Brooklyn father in front of a packed courtroom in Brooklyn federal court Friday.
Luigi Grasso, 46, and Richard Riccardi, 41, took part in the 2010 murder of James Donovan in Gravesend during a botched robbery attempt in front of a check cashing store.
The pair were sunk at trial by testimony from triggerman Hector Pagan, the ex-husband of “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano.
Prior to the sentencing, Donovan’s daughter presented a photo montage to the court in tears and spoke of the “empty place in her heart” that exists because of her father’s death.
An irate family member in the gallery shouted “rot in jail!” as they left court after the proceeding and were quickly removed from court.



  1. I bet the RAT HECTOR PAGAN will get no time even though he was the actual shooter. Makes no sense at all. These prosecutors make no sense when the make deals with snitches.

  2. If no one rats, no one goes to jail, and the victim does not get justice. A robber involved in a crime that causes a victim to die has committed felony murder whether he pulled the trigger or not.

  3. The bk da's office just proved my theory. Thay convicted two Italian 's and let the trigger man pagan, off the hook. I'm not sure what ethnicity pagan is but, he's not italian. So why did the bk d.a.'s office elect to give pagan a pass while giving two Italian's what equates to a life sentence? It simple. The da's office of kings county are willing to let murders off the hook as long as thay can get a conviction on someone with an Italian name. This happens again and again. I wonder how the family of the deceased feels when thay know for fact the bullet that killed there loved one was shot out of a gun that was in the hand of pagan, the very man who pulled the trigger of the gun that shot the bullet that ended there loved ones life now not only walks free but, the taxes paid by that very family will go towards housing, food, transportation and everything else pagan will need to enjoy his life on the dole. This is the way the da's office recruits future rats. This is a conscious ploy by them and it seems to be working. Will pagan give the dead man's family any of the money he earns from book and movie deals? I doubt it! On the contrary he will laugh at all who buys his "I've found god and speak to students about the pitfalls of choosing a life of crime" story. Pagan is just another low life murderer who is on the streets mingling with honest hard working people who no doubt will eventually become victims of crime and those crimes will be committed by pagan and the like. These are the people who the bk da's office set free. Great job men. Great job.