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Friday, November 14, 2014

Judge rejects Colombo prince's bid to retract guilty plea

Judge rejects mob scion’s bid to retract plea
A Brooklyn federal judge rejected a Colombo crime family scion’s bid to pull back his plea deal for loan-sharking because the feds decided to get tough with his sentencing guidelines, Brooklyn federal court papers show.

Mafia prince Michael Persico claimed prosecutors breached their 36- to 47-month sentencing deal by pushing for a stiff term in a pre-sentence report, his lawyers said in court papers.

He also claimed to have not fully understood what he was pleading to and wanted the deal torn up.

But no-nonsense Brooklyn federal Judge Sandra Townes dismissed his request and said the accord was binding.

Persico, 57, had repeatedly said he understood what he was admitting to and there was no legal basis to allow him to back out of the deal, her ruling states.

Persico copped to loaning $100,000 to trucking company businessmen and sticking them with a whopping 45 percent annual interest rate.

Persico wanted his sweetheart plea deal yanked despite facing the prospect of life in prison if he’s convicted at trial.



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