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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Patriarca crime family captain sentenced for role in illegal gambling operation

Edward “Eddie” Lato, a high-ranking member of the Patriarca crime family, appeared in a Rhode Island courtroom for the first time in years to plead no contest for his role in a large-scale illegal gambling operation.
Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Lanphear sentenced Lato to a 10-year suspended sentence with 10 years of probation. Lanphear said the sentence was to be served at the same time as his federal prison term.
Lato, 67, formerly of Johnston, was transferred to the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution on Sept. 10 from a federal prison in Estill, S.C. He’s serving a nine-year sentence for a federal conspiracy and extortion conviction.
Lato has been identified by both state and federal law enforcement as a capo regime in the New England mob. In the courtroom to watch the hearing was Joseph Achille, a longtime mobster.
In May 2011 Lato was caught up in a state police sting that netter 23 other suspects including Frank “Bobo” Marrapese – who was on parole parole for the 1987 gangland slaying of Richard “Dickie” Callie – and Alfred “Chippy” Scivola.
The state police investigation began in the fall of 2010 and uncovered a large illegal gambling operation run by Vincent “Tootsie” Tallo of Johnston.
Assistant Attorney General James Baum said in court the state would have proved that Lato and Marrapese “managed a criminal usury and extortion enterprise together with several named and unnamed coconspirators.”
Lato’s attorney Mark Smith entered the no contest plea on behalf of his client.
The state case was put on hold while the Rhode Island U.S. Attorney’s office wrapped up the federal case that also brought down former New England mob boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio.
In 2012 Lato pleaded guilty to charges that he took part in a scheme to shakedown strip clubs for protection money and extort $25,000 from a used car salesman.
Of the nine defendants in the federal case – including former reputed underboss Anthony DiNunzio of East Boston – Lato was sentenced to the most time behind bars. At the time U.S. District Court Judge William Smith cited Lato’s lengthy criminal record on sentencing day in June 2012.



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