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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mob rat is beaten and robbed

A reputed mobster whose family owns the New Jersey strip club featured in “The Sopranos” was beaten and robbed for squealing on a fellow wiseguy, court papers claim.

Suspected Genovese associate Anthony “Tony Lodi” Cardinalle, 63, was attacked at his family’s jiggle joint Satin Dolls in Lodi on Christmas Eve, Manhattan federal court papers say.

The club doubled as Tony Soprano’s haunt, the Bada Bing, in the hit HBO series.

The attack on Cardinalle was likely “payback” for ratting out his cohorts in a “Sopranos”-style trash-hauling shakedown scheme, his lawyer, Alan Silber, wrote in the court papers.

Cardinalle “was actually beaten and robbed in what was, in all likelihood, revenge or punishment for his cooperation” with the feds, Silber said in arguing for leniency for his client in the shakedown case in January.

Cardinalle was sentenced to 30 days in prison on Jan. 29.



  1. Fuck that rat jerkoff

  2. He ain't seen nothing yet! You know what eats me up. He went on like "it's business as usual" regardless he just ratted out "THE FAMILY". Wasn't sweating anything and if he was he sure didn't show it. No bodyguards or anything. The good fellas are losing there intimidation factor big time.

    1. Not that their losing thier intimidation factor it's just that the feds are just waiting for someone to hurt this rat and when your hurt a witness they will look to hang you, this prick will get way more than a beating in time...the feds save Sammy the rats life when they pinched him in AZ on the drug case or he would of got blown up too