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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bonanno mobster gets 21 months for collecting loanshark debt

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A Bonnano gangster who turned down an offer to serve as the crime family’s consigliere was sentenced Wednesday to 21 months in prison for collecting a loanshark debt.

Jack Bonventre, 46, claimed he had walked away from the mob years ago, and his lawyer put up a long-winded argument about how growing up in Howard Beach, Queens, could be a lure for young men to want to become gangsters.

“Loyalty is like a sausage,” defense attorney Gordon Mehler said in Brooklyn Federal Court, “but it’s not always savory.”

Brooklyn Federal Judge Allyne Ross said she agreed with the prosecutors’ arguments that a secret recording of a Bonanno capo ranting about Bonventre rejecting the high-level crime family position showed that he was a major player.

Bonventre faced 21 to 27 months under the sentencing guidelines and does not get credit for the year he spent under house arrest.



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