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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Brothers of Colombo gangster surrender their passports

The Cerbone triplets, John (right), charged with drug-trafficking and who feds say tried to pass himself off as identical twin Joseph (center), and Anthony.

A set of triplets and another brother were ordered to surrender their passports to ensure their brother — a reputed Colombo gangster arrested on drug charges — doesn't try to flee the country posing as one of his siblings.

John Cerbone, 43, has already tried to pull the impersonation act once before, Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

When Cerbone was handed a subpoena by federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents more than a year ago, he falsely claimed that he was Joseph Cerbone, his brother, according to the prosecutor.

“He bragged about it to a confidential informant who was secretly recording him,” Geddes said.

On Monday, Cerbone was arrested and carrying a driver's license in the name of Joseph Cerbone.

Geddes said that in light of John’s past use of his brother’s identity and their strong resemblance, the government is concerned he could get on a plane and go on the lam posing as Joseph or Anthony, the third member of the Cerbone threesome.

Brooklyn Magistrate Marilyn Go agreed and not only ordered the triplets to surrender their passports, but a fourth brother, Andre, as well, who strongly resembles the trio.

“I’ll give them my f------ passport, I don’t care, I look like him too,” Andre Cerbone said outside the courtroom.

John Cerbone, an alleged member of Colombo capo Joseph Amato’s crew, is indicted on charges of distributing cocaine, oxycodone, and amphetamines.

He is also charged with using his plumbing business to launder the proceeds of illicit drug proceeds.

John Cerbone was allegedly planning to make a $68,000 purchase of cocaine on the day he was arrested, Geddes said.

The judge approved Cerbone's release on $500,000 bail pending the signing of the bond by all the suretors.



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